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Maximize your stimulant without the downsides.

A powerhouse of clinically studied antioxidants and adaptogens, specifically formulated to protect the brains of people who take stimulants.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Shipping | Cancel Anytime

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Shipping | Cancel Anytime

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free Shipping | Cancel Anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stasis replace my stimulant?


No, Stasis is complimentary to your stimulant, so you should take them together. Stasis is formulated to maximize your stimulant’s energizing effects, while supporting your brain and reducing the downsides. Think of it like the ideal companion to your stimulant.

How does Stasis work?


Stimulants boost dopamine, leading to a temporary burst of productivity, which is shortly followed by a crash. Stasis supports a healthy dopamine system and helps to balance this peak and dip, leading to a cleaner, more stable energy. It’s filled with clinically studied antioxidants and adaptogens specifically formulated to support the brains of people on stimulants.

What can I expect to feel?


You’ll feel the usual burst of energy from your stimulant, without the crash. At first, you’ll notice that instead of starting to fizzle out midday, your focus is steadier. You’ll enjoy a mood boost, and you might even feel more social, or come home from work with the motivation to work out or hang out with friends and family. You’ll start to fall asleep easier, and wake up more refreshed. You might not feel it, but your brain will also be supported, as Stasis contains powerful antioxidants, adaptogens and minerals that support healthy cognitive function.

How long will it take to notice the effects?


Everyone is different. Some people start feeling the benefits the first day they take Stasis, while for others, it can take a few days. The benefits increase as Stasis builds in your system, but most people will feel a noticeable improvement within the first week.

Is Stasis safe? How is it regulated?


Safety is our top priority. All of our products are manufactured in the US in facilities that are cGMP certified and inspected by the FDA.

How did you develop the formulations?


Each ingredient has been clinically studied for its impact. Our team only sources the highest quality, with guaranteed active ingredients that are third party tested and traceable.

Key Ingredients



L-theanine is your body’s peace-keeper. It promotes steady focus and maintains calm.



Found in algae, they are the Navy SEALs of cellular defense; they fight oxidative stress, and support cellular function.



Saffron supports serotonin, which regulates mood.



If attention were a sport. Sage would be your MVP. It maintains your capacity to learn, remember, and focus.

Selenium Chelate


Selenium Chelate is a potent antioxidant that maintains normal cellular function.

Money back guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with Stasis within 30 days, receive a full refund on your first order. Just shoot us an email letting us know you’d like a refund, and we’ll handle the rest!