We're on a mission to help everyone find homeostasis.

Our philosophy.

Whatever stimulant journey you may be on, we want to empower you to feel your best, always.

We focus on bringing you balance, so you can focus on what matters to you most.

Our story.

Dan Freed, the driving force behind Stasis, serves as its Founder and CEO. His journey began by recognizing a profound gap in supporting individuals dependent on stimulants, drawing from his own personal experiences. This realization led to the birth of two groundbreaking brands: Thesis and Stasis. Thesis is the first line of defense for those looking to improve cognitive function. In 2022 Stasis was developed specifically to accompany stimulant usage, aiming to counteract the common downsides such as jitters, crashes, and sleep disturbances and support overall brain health.

Enduring years of being labeled as lazy and unmotivated, Dan's life drastically shifted at 16 when he dropped out of high school. Dan spent the next decade working in the restaurant industry relying on stimulants to grind through the days. After years of using stimulants, Dan was desperate to find a better solution which led him to the discovery of nootropics. He went on to earn a Master’s Degree from both Yale and INSEAD. Following this, Dan committed himself to guiding individuals toward their optimized cognitive potential.

“Stasis evolved from my challenging experience with stimulants. It is born from a vision rooted in support, not judgment. At Stasis we acknowledge that many people rely on stimulants for various reasons - that decision is between them and their physician. We believe in empowering individuals to optimize their body's response to stimulants while promoting overall health and wellbeing.”

Dan Freed, CEO & Founder