We're on a mission to help everyone find homeostasis.

Our philosophy.

Whatever stimulant journey you may be on, we want to empower you to feel your best, always.

We focus on bringing you balance, so you can focus on what matters to you most.

Our story.

My younger brother is my best friend, but his struggle with stimulants almost ruined our relationship.

My brother has always been too smart for his own good. Growing up, he breezed through school even though his focus and organizational skills were lacking. In high school, it started to catch up to him, and he began having trouble with attention, memory retention, and task execution. When he was first prescribed Adderall, it seemed like a miracle drug. His grades bounced back, his focus returned, and he seemed more grounded.

Through college, he was prescribed an increasingly intense regimen of medication, and I witnessed firsthand how destructive stimulants can be when not taken appropriately. He went from being the life of the party to a hermit and would have such intense mood swings that we barely recognized him. His weight would fluctuate by 10 lbs depending on his dosage, and when he came home for vacation, he would disappear for days working, sleeping, and never leaving his room.

As a longtime user of nootropics, I tried getting him to replace Adderall with natural alternatives, but it never stuck. Nothing could replace his medication, and without it, he was unable to function. It was then that I connected with Dan, founder of Thesis. Dan and his team had been working on a beta product aimed at reducing the negative side effects of stimulants. I was immediately enthralled and left my job to help launch a company aimed at helping people like my brother take their medication without compromising living a healthy, balanced life. On a scientific level, we formulated Stasis to even out a person’s brain chemistry to reduce the short- and long-term damage of taking stimulants everyday. The name Stasis (derived from homeostasis) speaks to our mission to empower stimulant users to regain balance in their lives.

Steffan Bankier, Founding Manager