If Your Daily Stimulant Has
Ever Made You Feel Jittery...

Or lowers your mood the next day...

If you feel like you need to take more and
more — for less results...

Especially if stimulants have ever given you
anxiety or difficulty sleeping...

And yet you probably feel torn.

Because you also seem to NEED to take it
— or you simply won’t get enough done.

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You're NOT Alone
Help Has Arrived. 

When it comes to stimulants, most people just
suffer the side effects.

They accept the lowered mood, nervous jitters, impulsive behavior,
poor sleep — or any other part of “the crash.”

But now there’s a proven way — backed by sound neuroscience — to
finally stop the burnout from stimulant use...

Eliminating many of the worst downsides, once and for all...

So you no longer feel like you’re making such a painful trade off.

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Pioneered By A Yale Grad
Student Who Suffered From
Severe ADHD

This discovery was based on his own painful
experience with stimulants.

For him, the side effects were just too severe.

He had to find another way.

And this pain drove him and his team to invest years of research into
formulating an astonishingly easy 30-second “morning and evening

This simple daily ritual helps reverse the stress and toxicity that comes
from short and long-term stimulant use.

It's called...

It’s the first-ever AM/PM formula designed
to scientifically work WITH your daily
stimulant — to help counteract the burnout
from stimulants.

The STASIS all-natural combination formula can
help reverse crash and burnout symptoms,
so that you:

Or lowers your mood the next day...

Dramatically improve your baseline mood

Better control your impulses and focus

And sleep more deeply, so you wake up feeling like yourself

STASIS mixes ancient health wisdom — with cutting-edge
clinical science.

There’s Only One Way For A
Brain Depleted By Stimulants
To Regain Balance

And it involves scientifically-formulated nutrient support.
Especially because long-term stimulant use tends to compound the
And this can lead to even more “neurological debt” — further
strengthening the stimulant burnout cycle and its symptoms.

Our research shows that the only way to break out of this cycle —
and repay the debt — is with a balanced ratio of
clinically-proven nutrients.

Nutrients that target the stimulant burnout cycle at its source.

This is the most effective way to reverse much of the depletion
and damage caused by stimulant use.

Restore Your Brain's Balance

How To Stay In The
Stimulant Sweet Spot

Do you remember the first time you took your stimulant? It
was probably euphoric — and you wished you could live in that
state forever.

But over time, that euphoria began to wear off...
And symptoms like nervous jitters, nervousness, low mood, and
difficulty sleeping began to appear more and more.

All because it provides your brain with the critical nutrients,
correctly timed and in precise ratios needed to reverse stimulant

The purpose of STASIS is not to replace your daily
stimulant — but rather, to mitigate the downsides and
replenish your neurotransmitters. So you experience more
of what you FIRST felt when taking it.

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Let’s be honest. You know your stimulant isn’t
the best thing for your brain health.

But you may need to take it in order to meet your current work or
focus needs. If you’re currently making that tradeoff, now you know that with
STASIS, you’ll finally have all the nutrients you need to support your
brain’s recovery.

So you can avoid the many symptoms of crashing and burnout, and
finally feel like yourself again.
To experience the difference that having a more balanced and
recovered brain can make in your life...

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