Do Your Stimulants Make You...

Jittery? Moody? Stressed?

This Is Your Brain
On Stimulants

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This Is Your Brain
On STASIS & Stimulants

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If your daily stimulant has ever made you feel jittery...

Or lowers your mood the next day...

If you feel like you need to take more and more — for less results...

Especially if stimulants have ever given you anxiety or difficulty sleeping...

And yet you probably feel torn.

Because you also seem to NEED to take it — or you simply won’t get enough done.

You're NOT Alone
Help Has Arrived.

When it comes to stimulants, most people just suffer the side effects.

They accept the lowered mood, nervous jitters, impulsive behavior, poor sleep — or any other part of “the crash.”

But now there’s a proven way — backed by sound neuroscience — to finally stop the burnout from stimulant use...

Eliminating many of the worst downsides, once and for all...

So you no longer feel like you’re making such a painful trade off.

Stasis w/ Pills

Pioneered By A Yale Grad Student Who Suffered From Severe ADHD...

This discovery was based on his own painful experience with stimulants.

For him, the side effects were just too severe.

He had to find another way.

And this pain drove him and his team to invest years of research into formulating an astonishingly easy 30-second “morning and evening ritual”.

This simple daily ritual helps reverse the stress and toxicity that comes from short and long-term stimulant use.

It’s called...


Stasis Bottles

It’s the first-ever AM/PM formula designed to scientifically work WITH your daily stimulant — to help counteract the burnout from stimulants.

The STASIS all-natural combination formula can help reverse crash and burnout symptoms, so that you:

  • Relax more easily throughout the day
  • Dramatically improve your baseline mood
  • Better control your impulses and focus
  • And sleep more deeply, so you wake up feeling like yourself again

STASIS mixes ancient health wisdom — with cutting-edge clinical science.

Stasis Night Formula

It Works By Finally Addressing The Real Root Cause Of Your Worst Burnout Symptoms

And Stasis does this by directly targeting what some researchers call “the stimulant burnout cycle.”

The stimulant burnout cycle is the real reason most people don’t feel good after prolonged use.

The cycle goes like this:

First, the stimulant overexcites neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in your brain.

Then, your receptors for those neurotransmitters get overloaded and desensitized.

This makes it so your brain requires more of the stimulant — for the same (or even less) effect.

Over time, this leads to neurotoxicity as your brain alters its chemistry and fights to return to homeostasis.

This process is very much like taking out a large loan, quickly spending the money, and then always scrambling to pay it back.

There’s Only One Way For A Brain Depleted By Stimulants to Regain Balance

And it involves scientifically-formulated nutrient support.

Especially because long-term stimulant use tends to compound the neurotoxicity.

And this can lead to even more “neurological debt” — further strengthening the stimulant burnout cycle and its symptoms.

Our research shows that the only way to break out of this cycle — and repay the debt — is with a balanced ratio of clinically-proven nutrients.

Nutrients that target the stimulant burnout cycle at its source.

This is the most effective way to reverse much of the depletion and damage caused by stimulant use.

The Right Nutrients, Delivered At The Right Time, Initiate Homeostasis In Your Brain

That’s what STASIS is designed to do.

Day Flow
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Fights Stress
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Supports Balanced Mood
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Promotes Healthy Biosystems
Night Flow
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Supports Healthy Sleep
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Promotes Feeling Calm
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Maintains Cognitive Function

Clinically-Backed Ingredients

Daytime Formula

Clinically-Backed Ingredients

Nighttime Formula

STASIS Makes Ending Stimulant Burnout Easy, Safe, And Inexpensive


If you purchased premium versions all of the quality ingredients in STASIS independently — it would look something like this:

  • L-Theanine - $21.00
  • Vitamin B6 - $26.00
  • Vitamin B12 - $43.15
  • Ashwagandha - $43.99
  • EGCG - $22.00
  • Sage Generic - $17.99
  • Saffron - $20.27
  • Selenium 2% - $14.99
  • TetraSOD® - $19.95
  • Magnesium - $23.60
  • Astaxanthin - $26.95
  • Baicalein 98% - $22.00
  • Vitamin C - $18.00
  • Baicalein 90% - $19.99
  • Melatonin - $13.00
  • DHH-B - $33.97
  • Zinc - $25.60
  • Venetron - $33.95
  • Apigenin - $24.95

Total - $471.35

That $471.35 total is based on actual prices from Amazon. And even then, you wouldn’t know the precise, researched ratios of each nutrient to target the root cause of burnout.

And you’d have to take dozens of pills each day.

With STASIS, you save nearly $400 AND simplify the process of reversing stimulant burnout — with an easy morning/evening ritual.

How To Stay In The
Stimulant Sweet Spot

Do you remember the first time you took your stimulant? It was probably euphoric — and you wished you could live in that state forever.

But over time, that euphoria began to wear off...

And symptoms like nervous jitters, nervousness, low mood, and difficulty sleeping began to appear more and more.

The purpose of STASIS is not to replace your daily stimulant — but rather, to mitigate the downsides and replenish your neurotransmitters. So you experience more of what you FIRST felt when taking it.

All because it provides your brain with the critical nutrients, correctly timed and in precise ratios needed to reverse stimulant burnout.

Guaranteed To Help You Feel Better Or Your Money Back

Take 30 full days to try out STASIS. Give it time to help replenish and restore so many of the nutrients that have been depleted through ongoing stimulant use.

You must notice a positive change in the way you feel and perform.

Less jittery, anxious feelings. More natural calm. Improved focus. Easier impulse control. Elevated mood. Deeper sleep.

In the highly unlikely event you’re not blown away, simply let us know and we’ll arrange for you to receive an immediate no-questions-asked refund.

Even if you’ve used the entire bottle.

That’s how confident we are in the research, nutrient support and testing that has gone into making STASIS the #1 formula for helping target stimulant burnout at its source.

Our Customers Agree:
STASIS Really Works

Ashley M

Stimulant: Vyvanse

The BEST!! Do not hesitate if you are thinking of trying Stasis. You will get through the first week of using this supplement and be the most well-rested, productive, and emotionally stable you’ve been since you first started taking stimulants. For me, it has been years and I cannot believe how much better I feel mentally and physically. So grateful for those who developed this!

Ellen M

Stimulant: Adderall

This is the third week that I’ve been taking Stasis and I’m never going back. After about a week on Stasis, I noticed a huge difference in my mood and overall well being. I have the energy to go to the bar after work, which I haven’t done in years! No more canceling plans with friends, or bailing on dates. I think back to all the nights I spent watching TV alone, and my only regret is not having started taking this earlier. Thank you Stasis!

Mark M

Stimulant: Vyvanse

Sleep has always been challenging, and nothing seemed to work, so I was very skeptical. I’ve been taking the nighttime formula for a few days, and my sleep quality has already drastically improved! Before, I would get home wired but too exhausted to do anything. Now I get home from work energized and have no issues falling asleep. My sleep is deeper, and I wake up feeling refreshed. I never thought I would be a morning person, but I’ve even started getting a run in before work! It’s nice to no longer feel like a crazy person!

Get Started With STASIS Today

Let’s be honest. You know your stimulant isn’t the best thing for your brain health.

But you may need to take it in order to meet your current work or focus needs.

If you’re currently making that tradeoff, now you know that with STASIS, you’ll finally have all the nutrients you need to support your brain’s recovery.

So you can avoid the many symptoms of crashing and burnout, and finally feel like yourself again.

To experience the difference that having a more balanced and recovered brain can make in your life...

Simply get started using any button on this page.

We can’t wait to hear your transformation stories.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stasis replace my stimulant?


No, Stasis is complimentary to your stimulant, so you should take them together. Stasis is formulated to maximize your stimulant’s energizing effects, while supporting your brain and reducing the downsides. Think of it like the ideal companion to your stimulant.

How does Stasis work?


Stimulants boost dopamine, leading to a temporary burst of productivity, which is shortly followed by a crash. Stasis supports a healthy dopamine system and helps to balance this peak and dip, leading to a cleaner, more stable energy. It’s filled with clinically studied antioxidants and adaptogens specifically formulated to support the brains of people on stimulants.

What can I expect to feel?


You’ll feel the usual burst of energy from your stimulant, without the crash. At first, you’ll notice that instead of starting to fizzle out midday, your focus is steadier. You’ll enjoy a mood boost, and you might even feel more social, or come home from work with the motivation to work out or hang out with friends and family. You’ll start to fall asleep easier, and wake up more refreshed. You might not feel it, but your brain will also be supported, as Stasis contains powerful antioxidants, adaptogens and minerals that support healthy cognitive function.

How long will it take to notice the effects?


Everyone is different. Some people start feeling the benefits the first day they take Stasis, while for others, it can take a few days. The benefits increase as Stasis builds in your system, but most people will feel a noticeable improvement within the first week.

Is Stasis safe? How is it regulated?


Safety is our top priority. All of our products are manufactured in the US in facilities that are cGMP certified and inspected by the FDA.

How did you develop the formulations?


Each ingredient has been clinically studied for its impact. Our team only sources the highest quality, with guaranteed active ingredients that are third party tested and traceable.