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The Basics

Stasis works in tandem with stimulants in order to regulate and maintain your body’s natural homeostasis. Stimulants send your dopamine system into overdrive, damaging crucial neurotransmitter systems and receptors with long-term use. When the effects of stimulants fade, you are often left depleted (read: crash). During this time, it is essential to replenish your brain with nutrients and sleep so it can recover properly. Stasis contains antioxidants and adaptogens that support healthy dopamine levels. This supports the brain’s natural process of seeking homeostasis to help maintain a more balanced state.

A combination of both, but mostly natural. Part of our ethos is to make the greatest positive impact with the lowest possibility of side effects, and that doesn’t always come directly from nature. We gauge which nutrients we will include based on both their efficacy and their safety profile. Man-made nutrients are often more consistent, as natural quality and concentration of active compounds can vary greatly.

We take our ingredient choices very seriously. Whenever possible, we always opt for the most natural, transparent alternative, and always source the highest quality ingredients. Every single one of our ingredients has been hand selected with the purpose of reducing the damage of stimulants, and are backed by scientific studies to validate their benefits. We constantly pore over the latest studies to ensure we are on the cutting edge of research, and are constantly optimizing our blends to ensure the highest synergy between our nutrients. When it comes to supplements, quality counts!

Safety is our top priority.

The FDA has guidelines on how to manufacture supplements, called Current Good Manufacturing Processes, or cGMP. All of our products are manufactured in the United States, in facilities that follow cGMP regulations and are regularly inspected by the FDA.

We also have all of our nutrients tested by a third party lab to ensure the utmost quality.

You can take Stasis on its own, but you might find it especially helpful when taken with stimulants for maintaining balance. Both the day and night formula contain ingredients that help maintain healthy antioxidant levels and support circadian rhythm..

Stasis is designed for daily use. Take two (2) of the Day supplements with your stimulant of choice in the morning, and two (2) of the Night supplements before going to bed.

Our product is one of the most comprehensive nootropic systems on the market, and our ingredients are backed by hundreds of clinical research papers.Unfortunately, the research conducted only included people over the age of 18 years old, who were not pregnant or nursing during the studies. For that reason, we do not recommend our products for those under the age of 18, or for those who are pregnant or nursing. We err on the side of caution, especially when it comes to children!

As long as your blends are kept out of extreme temperatures and in a dry place, your supplement should not expire. We moved away from gel caps to extend the shelf life of your blends!

Absolutely, but it would be expensive, complicated and require a ton of pills! Stasis exists to take the guesswork out of managing your symptoms. Our supplements come pre-measured and pre-organized to maximize results while avoiding unintended downsides. We have data scientists hard at work so you don’t have to. Ultimately, however, our goal is to create a product that makes our consumers feel great, but if you’d rather put the work in yourself, that works too!

What To Expect

For the Day formula, you will feel more like yourself without compromising the beneficial effects of stimulants. For the Night formula, you will experience less of a “crash” when the stimulant fades, being able to wind down properly and getting that restful sleep.

This depends on genetics, but many users start to feel the effects within 30 minutes of taking their supplement.

For some, the full effects of Stasis may take a few days of continuous use to ramp up. We call this a loading phase, and it varies based on your metabolism and experience with nootropics. If you require a loading phase, don’t get discouraged! Stick with it, and the benefits will come. Stasis has the most impact when taken on an empty stomach, just after waking from a normal night of rest.

Of course! Stasis does not include any ingredients that are habit forming. Our blends are a great supplement to optimize your day, on your schedule. We recommend taking at least one day off each week, to ensure long term efficacy at the same dosage. Take a break whenever you’d like!

While many of the benefits experienced will stop, some of our ingredients have neuroprotective effects that fight stress and support nerve health to promote long-term neurological benefits.

Most likely not.

In clinical trials, none of the ingredients Stasis uses show long term side effects.

Stasis is vegan, and made without gluten, eggs or nuts. Though some of our manufacturing facilities may also process products that contain gluten, nuts and eggs. We’ve taken precautions to protect against cross contamination but our product is not certified vegan or gluten free.

Shipping & Orders

Stasis is shipped from our warehouse in TX, via First Class Mail through the USPS. We like to ship orders the same-day whenever possible, or by the next business day after purchase. We will email you with your tracking link as soon as it is available! Packages generally arrive 5-7 business days after purchase.

You will receive a shipping notification with a tracking number when your package ships. If you experience an issue with shipping, please let us know so we can help -!

This is something we would like to offer, but logistics have been rough this past year with the strain of C19! Stasis is only available domestically at the moment- but will extend to our international neighbors as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

We’ve got your back - send us the correct info and we can make any necessary changes! We are available daily:

Yes! If you aren't satisfied with your Stasis, let us know. You can check out our full refund and return policy here.

You can cancel your subscription anytime, without penalty. Simply send us an email at, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Stasis can be purchased as either a one-time order or a monthly subscription. We offer a discount for subscriptions because it helps us with inventory management. If you choose to purchase a subscription at checkout, we will reach out to you via email three days before a new shipment is processed. You can adjust the cadence of your deliveries, the blends we’re sending or cancel anytime, just let us know what you’d like to do!


Each bottle contains 50 capsules (25 doses of 2 capsules per serving).

You can, but we don’t recommend it - the ingredients inside our capsules taste bad, which is why we have them encapsulated!

We don’t anymore - too many freeloaders on the internet 😜

If you’re interested in being a future Stasis beta-tester, let us know!