Take with your
daily stimulant
For less stress, steadier focus, and better sleep.

All day support, from Day to Night.


Boosts Mood
Reduce Jitters
Sharpens Focus


Alleviates Stress
Supports Sleep
Protects Brain

What to expect on Stasis

Steady focus without jitters or crash.

Expect calm, steady focus within an hour of the ingredients entering your bloodstream. L-Theanine and Ashwagandha even out energy levels and soothe the neurotransmitter peaks and dips.

What to Expect

  • Within Hours:

    Expect steady focus without jitters or a crash.

  • Within Days:

    Enjoy deep sleep with more energy during the day.

  • Within Weeks:

    Experience more stable mood and mental clarity.

  • Within Months:

    Enjoy improvements in long-term brain health.

  • Beyond

    Your brain, balanced.

Customers who found their homeostasis.

Your brain, balanced.