Give your brain a break.
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Our story.

My younger brother is my best friend, but his struggle with stimulants almost ruined our relationship.I started Stasis to allow people like him to take prescription stimulants without sacrificing their physical, social and emotional wellbeing. Each blend of natural ingredients has been uniquely formulated to replenish your brain chemistry, to support long-term brain health and provide a steadier, more pleasant experience.I saw how jitteriness, moodiness, and feelings of guilt became unavoidable parts of treating ADHD. With Stasis, you can be productive and stay healthy with fewer compromises because a balanced life should be within everyone’s reach.

Look forward to a more balanced life.

  • Hours: Steady focus without jitters or crash.

    L-Theanine and Ashwagandha regulate the energy level peaks and dips that accompany stimulants.

  • Days: Wake up energized after restorative sleep.

    After a few days of steady use, expect deep, restorative rest.

  • Weeks: More stable mood and mental clarity.

    Saffron, Skullcap, and Chamomile boost serotonin and GABA for a stable and positive mood.

  • Months: Superior long-term brain health.

    Oceanix™, ECGC, and Astaxanthin ensure a healthier brain and reduction in oxidative stress.

  • Beyond: Your brain, balanced.

    Experience the benefit of being focused and productive without compromising your well-being.

What's Inside
Fights Stress | Promotes Quality Sleep
In addition to boosting memory, this antioxidant promotes neuronal growth. It also helps relax tense muscles to support more restful sleep.
Stabilizes Energy | Fights Stress
Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that modulates how our bodies respond to the stress hormone, cortisol. Think of it like Mother Earth’s stress-reducer.
Neuroprotective | Anti-inflammatory
Astaxanthin is aptly dubbed ‘the king of carotenoids.’ It is a natural bioactive compound with potent antioxidant activity shown to replenish healthy cell function and fight against age-related cognitive decline
Reduces Jitters | Maintains Focus
L-theanine is your body’s natural peace-keeper. It promotes steady focus and boosts peace-inducing neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and GABA to combat jitters.
Neuroprotective | Promotes Quality Sleep
Magnesium is a stimulant user's holy grail. Not only does it support restful, deeper sleep by promoting stable relaxation and healthy circadian rhythms, but it can also decrease stimulant tolerance and dependency.
Magnolia Bark
Fights Stress | Promotes Quality Sleep
Magnolia bark promotes relaxation without sedation by modulating the body’s reaction to cortisol. It also boosts GABA to sooth agitation and distress activated by stimulant use.
Antioxidant | Sleep Aid
Melatonin is nature’s sleep-aid. It promotes restorative sleep by regulating dopamine transporters and stabilizing cellular membranes to reverse oxidative stress and cellular degeneration.
Antioxidant | Neuroprotective
Found in various algae, Oceanix is the Navy SEALs of cellular defense. They are the only antioxidants able to protect against cellular deterioration, to prevent oxidative stress and neural degeneration.
Neuroprotective | Boosts Mood
Saffron is a mood boosting powerhouse. It increases serotonin, which regulates mood, and has been shown to reduce compulsive behavior as well as fight oxidative stress.
Maintains Focus | Neuroprotective
If attention was a sport, Sage would be your MVP. It boosts your capacity to learn, remember, and focus, prevents oxidative stress, and modulates GABA, ushering in feelings of calmness.
Selenium Chelate
Antioxidant | Neuroprotective
A potent antioxidant that fights the depletion of dopamine and protects against stimulant-induced dopaminergic neurotoxicity.
Neuroprotective | Boosts Mood
Skullcap has been shown to dramatically improve mood, reduce oxidative stress, and has been shown to address stimulant dependency by increasing counts of dopaminergic neurons.
Promotes Quality Sleep | Boosts Mood
Venetron supports you all day. Upon wakeup, it increases GABA and serotonin to boost your mood. By evening, this excess serotonin helps increase melatonin, supporting a more restful sleep.
Vitamin B6
Boosts Mood | Promotes Relaxation
In addition to its neuroprotective and mood-boosting benefits, Vitamin B6 helps you ease into a restful night’s sleep. Vitamin B6 truly is your most versatile ally: mood-boosting by day, relaxing by night.
Vitamin B12
Neuroprotective | Boosts Mood
Supports the healthy functioning of blood, nervous system and inflammatory responses to restore energy and maintain a healthy brain.
Vitamin C
Neuroprotective | Antioxidant
In addition to reducing oxidative stress and neuroinflammation, it reduces dopamine depletion and cleanses your body from stimulant chemicals, even after they’ve been absorbed.
Neuroprotective | Maintains Focus
Zinc helps keep you focused. It’s been shown to improve inattention, impulsivity, and excitability and regulates how neurons communicate, reducing brain fog and memory issues.
Find your homeostasis.
Disclaimer: You should consult your physician or other health care professional before using any vitamins, supplements, or research chemicals, particularly if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, are breast feeding, have a history of high blood pressure or heart disease, or if you have ever experienced chest pain, smoke, have high cholesterol, are obese, or have a health problem that could be made worse by a change in diet.